That’s normal. Your injectors are getting cleaned and dirt is causing the extra smoke. This will improve progressively after a number of refueling, and you will start enjoying a reduction in fuel consumption over time.

We are all supplying differentiated fuels, but Allied’s fuel is supported by US & British technical engineering advisory from Afton Chemical. We also have test data to support the quality of our fuels.

Allied believes in providing value to our customers. We are a local Ghanaian company, and we support our Ghanaian customers. It’s the right thing to do.

Our gasoline and diesel fuels meet ALL national specifications as set by the NPA and the Ghana Standard Board (GSB). As such, there is no need for Allied to supply higher octane fuel.

Currently, you can enjoy the benefits of high quality fuels at NO extra cost!

The injector cleaning property of the additive means that much less fuel is wasted as a result of plugging. Due to varied engine sizes, diverse driving conditions, different driving behaviour, all these impact on the vehicle of performance. A minimum of 2-5 kilometres per tank is thus reasonable, taking all those elements into account.

We advise that you buy your differentiated fuel from Allied only so your car can get the maximum benefit in the long term. Continuous use of our fuels will guarantee you maximum benefits.

Our additives undergo robust testing protocol at Ashland (USA) and Bracknell (UK) testing facilities of Afton Chemical. Independently tests are also conducted to attest to the quality of our additives. Our Supply Managers also ensure that sampling analysis is conducted to ensure integrity in the supply chain. Lastly, by Ghanaian law, ALL haulers transporting fuels collected at the different depots nationally can only have their delivery tanks opened at the delivery point after double verification of the allocated seal numbers at point of loading. All these measures ensure the high integrity of our fuels.

DriveMoreTM fuels are developed to clean up your injectors and keep them clean. They give your car better fuel economy, allowing you to save money as less fuel is wasted in the combustion process. In the end, your car emits less CO2, your engine stays clean.

Afton Chemical is our additive supply partner. It is an American company with a history of more than 90 years of additive manufacturing and a world leader in the field of fuel additives. You can visit their website at aftonchemical.com

That isn’t true. While filter clean up happens as a result of the additive into fuels from any supplier, there is no indication that Allied’s fuel are responsible for your car’s filter plugging. By buying Allied’s differentiated fuel, you are in fact helping clean up and maintain your filters clean