Allied developed its owned formulation for blending lubricants at the Tema Lube Oil Company Limited. Currently the company produces and markets drum and packed lubricants known as Allied MOT40.

This is an SAE 40 monograde oil for both petrol and diesel engines, has the following key features and benefits:

  • It has an API specification of SD/CC
  • It is a low grade oil for both petrol and diesel vehicles
  • It meets the performance needs of older engines
  • It takes 1 month before drainage or a mileage of 3000 kilometres

Our MOT40 Lubricants come in the following container packages:

  1. Mot40 (4 X 4)
  2. Mot40 (12 X 1)
  3. Mot40 (1 X 208)
A multigrade oil from MOBIL, with an API Classification of CI-4; the latest grade of engine oil.Key Features and Benefits:

  • SAE 15w-40
  • Controls sludge build up and deposit
  • Helps reduce oil consumption and wear
  • Longer gasket and seal life
  • Longer drainage period
  • Longer engine Life
  • It takes 3months before drainage or a mileage of 6000 kilometres
Key Features & Benefits:

  • Has a high boiling point.
  • Minimum rubber component swell.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Consistent and safe brake performance under severe braking pressure.
  • Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum.
  • Extended life and reliability of brake system components.